Zero Facebook For Mobile Phones

Whether you have the latest smartphone, or the simple candy bar handset, social networking has become an essential element of any mobile phone. This has led to the world’s largest social network, facebook to release a much smaller, text-only version of its mobile site called Facebook Zero.

zero Facebook

This low bandwidth networking site has been designed specially for those who regularly use Facebook on their mobile phones. Thus irrespective of the type of mobile and the connection, all mobile users will be able to see the new updates quickly. The new site will be launched anytime in the upcoming weeks.

According to the facebook people, more than 100 million people now log onto Facebook from their mobile phones. Thus the new site will help the operators to free up critical bandwidth on their networks.

Moreover, data from the industry body, the GSM Association, has recently disclosed that nearly half of the time people in the UK spend going online using their phones is spent on Facebook.

According to the data, people in the UK spent about 2.2bn minutes on the social networking site during December alone.

The new light site will omit any data intensive applications that are heave such as photos.

There is already a lighter version of the site available on the mobile phone called Facebook Lite, designed for those who have a slow or poor internet connection, aimed especially at users in the developing world. However, the service was withdrawn recently, and so the new Facebook zero might be a blessing for those addicted to the Facebook Lite.

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