Web Applications, 10 of the Best!

1. Pandora


Pandora is a great radio station, which not only plays your favorite music, but also plays any song you name, or if it can’t find it, it’ll play songs similar to the one you named. It uses an advanced system to play songs that have similar rhythms, beats, and music to whatever you type in. You can create an account enabling it to keep track of all your personal radio stations. And It’s free too!

2. Hulu


With Hulu, you can use your computer as your television set. There is no need to install any software or make an account. Just go to the website and see your favorite video clips, full TV episodes and seasons, and even feature-length films.

3. Meebo


Meebo is a universal messenger that you can use on the web. It’s compatible with AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Myspace, and also has its own instant messaging platform: Meebo! There are no installations or downloads required; simply log-in and you’re ready to go!

4. Cooliris


Cooliris is an extension to the browser that will make your normal web surfing experience much more interactive and cinematic. It has the ability to turn the pages into an extensive “3D Wall.” You can easily browse thousands of images, videos, and other media quickly and easily, allowing you to customize the web according to your needs. Simply download and use it according to your choice.

5. Facebook


Facebook is the best and the top most social networking site. It has millions of users and everyone you know is probably on it. Through facebook, it becomes easier to find people and connect with them whether it be your best friend or some kid you knew in the third grade. Facebook also has thousands of web apps in itself. It is fun to use, and practical as well, and it is a must if you want to know what’s going on in all your friends’ lives.

6. Youconvertit


Youconvertit allows you to convert any image, video, document, and even units to virtually any format / type easily. It is fast, easy, and free, and can become a lifesaver in difficult situations.

7. Peepel


The Peepel Online Office Suite is a great, cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office. Simply go on the site and easily accomplish whatever writing needs you may have on-the-go with Peepel’s word processor. You can open multiple applications and multi-task all in one browser window.

8. Jott


Simply Jott down all your appointments or dates and leave all worries! You can program it to send you a text message, or call you and tell you, or even leave you a voice mail. Whatever method you prefer, It can become your own personal transcription service.

9. Netvibes


Netvibes will show you all of your favorite RSS feeds, blog posts, news, weather, music, videos, e-mails, anything you name, all in one page. It also updates in real-time regularly, so every time you visit the page you’ll get a whole new dose of information. This will definitely become your new homepage!

10. TiddlyWiki


TiddlyWiki is your own wiki that allows you to edit anytime you have some new information. Simply go on it, enter a topic and write about it. It’s just like your brain in a webpage. You also have full control over what it looks like and how it behaves. Best of all, it’s a single file. Save it as a document and share your knowledge with other people.