Top 5 Google Chrome Apps for Android

Google offers large variety of mobile apps for phones such as iPhone, Android at Google Chrome Web Store. There are thousands of apps at Google Chrome Web Store which is advancing our life and making it more luxurious.Here we will focus on the top five Google Chrome apps for Android.

Google Chrome apps for Android

According to your need, you can choose one or more of your favorite Google Chrome apps for Android to modernize your life. The top five Google Chrome apps for Android are as following:

1. Google Translate

If your job makes you travel a lot through out the globe or you’re interested in learning some new languages, then you need Google Translate which is a comprehensive tool from the Google Chrome Web Store.

It helps you to translate new languages vice-versa which you do not understand.

2. Google Shopper

Google Shopper helps you to find the cheaper product of your interest. It has huge variety of products and links. It provides you to search by making a voice description or by taking a snap of the bar-code.

3. Google Sky Map

Google Chrome and Android

Some people testify Google Sky Map as a coolest app at Google Chrome Store, point it at the sky. For example, a star, Google Sky Map will tell you about that star and what it is. This great Google Chrome application also offers you feature of searching particular heavenly bodies selected from a gallery of well-known constellation and travel through time to see the future of sky.

4. Google Voice

Google voice is an impressive application of Google Chrome Web Store, Which helps you to manage your voice quality in communications. Besides that it also help you to stay out from the hassle of managing many numbers. As it gives you one number for all your phones, voice mail which gives you more control over your calls.

5. Google Places

Google places provide you a separate screen icon, which is more user’s friendly and easy to use. It provide screen icon from Google Maps, so it’s easily accessible. You can search by typing or talking in what ever you are looking for and, voila, everything you want to know.

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