Top 10 Windows 7 Booster Apps

After Vista, Windows 7 does seem a lot better, with its convenient OS in particular, but it can’t be considered as perfect. In order to improve your Windows 7′s looks, functions, and to make it much more easier, safer, and more convenient to upgrade to, install these 10 downloads and make your windows experience worthwhile.

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1. Install All Your Favorite Apps At Once

Re-installing an operating system can be quite time consuming, especially when you have to download all of your necessary apps such as Firefox, Picasa, an anti-virus app, WinAmp, uTorrent, and others from the net. Ninite is the solution to your problem of redundant installations. Simply go to the web site, check the apps you need from a wide range of good, free software, and download the resulting customized installer app. Once the download starts, you can proceed with doing something else constructive while Ninite installs everything you asked for in the background, with very few, if any, questions or prompts.

2. Make Alt+Tab Switching More Intuitive

VistaSwitcher is a powerful app and window switcher, that improves on the familiar Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut in just the right ways.


The app supports keyboard shortcuts that allow you to minimize or tile windows from your Alt+Tab screen, shut down programs or file windows in bulk, and with through Ctrl+Alt+Tab, you can switch between the open windows of the particular program you’re using, like a browser or image editor. Irrespective of the name, VistaSwitcher works perfectly well on Windows 7 as well.

3. Tweak Hard-to-Find Settings


If you are one of those geeks who crave to go inside and change the settings from your new OS’ Control Panel, but get disappointed as Microsoft only lets you play a few check boxes and sliders, then apps like Ultimate Windows Tweaker, and XdN Tweaker are here to help your out, letting you seriously customize your system according to your needs.

4. Add Stacks To Your Desktop

Windows 7′s taskbar is quite useful and better than Mac OS X’s Dock, except that it lacks the very handy “Stacks” feature. StandaloneStack or 7stacks both help you to create blow-up menus of folders and apps from single icons on your taskbar. By adding a storage folder or custom collection of shortcuts to your taskbar, you can easily get to your desired file, without any further hassle.

5. Hulu Desktop Integration To Add Streaming TV to Windows Media Center


Windows 7′s Media Center is quite impressive, but the only thing that it’s missing is better access to streaming television. Hulu Desktop Integration brings Hulu to Media Center using a simple app. Just launch the Hulu app from Media Center, and the Media Center shuts down, opens the full-screen Hulu Desktop app, and then switches back to Media Center when you’re done in Hulu.

6. Winfox Makes Firefox Work With Jump Lists

If you want to access your most frequently visited sites, you can do so with Winfox. Just copy Winfox to your Firefox program directory, install it, and pin the “Winfox” application to your taskbar to pin your favorite pages to your jump list by dragging their tabs down.

7. Pull Up Incoming Gmail From The Taskbar

gmail icon

Gmail Notifier Plus keeps you updated about your Gmail account by informing you about any new mail through changing the taskbar icon, and providing a subject line preview of new messages when you hover over its icon.

8. Create Recovery Discs For Pre-Installed Windows 7

If you have windows 7 on your system, and you’d like to keep your system safe from common boot-up and system errors, NeoSmart offers Windows 7 System Recovery Discs that can help you repair damaged files, restore System Restore points, and even find full backups for restoration.

9. Logon Changer Customizes Password Screens


Although Windows 7 allows you to customize many things according to your needs, but the login/password screen remains fairly opaque and unchangeable. provides a Logon Changer for Windows 7 that makes use of a simple JPG file (256K or less) and applies it to your logon background.

10. Bring Back The “Classic” Start Menu

If you like oldies and feel attached to the Windows 2000/XP-style Start system, CSMenu gives a “classic” look to Windows 7 by installing a companion Start menu on your taskbar.

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