Top 10 Best Music Android Apps

Android introducing large number of apps for android lovers and many lovers want to enjoy music on their mobile phone such as android phones. So in this article I arrange top ten android apps for music, I hope you will like it.


01: Pandora-an enduring genres music app

Pandora is one of the best android app for music and very entreating for the android user. Through this app you can create radio stations for your favorite songs as well as for your favorite artist.


02: Rhapsody

Rhapsody is also one of the best android app for music lover, this is free from cost and through this app android user can get and download song which is more than 9 million.


03: Double Twist

Double Twist is full of music as well as iTunes libraries for android users. This is also one of the best android music app and very interesting for music lovers.


04: BubbleBeats-an interactive music app

BubbleBeats is very helpful to select your favorite songs because it is a tremendous interactive music player that points to make play list management fun. You can say it is best android music app from all.

05: StreamFurious

StreamFurious is very helpful to download shout cast and icecast MP3 streaming and than you can play in your mobile phone of android. It is also one of the best android music app for music lover.

06: iSyncr-a smart Android Music app

iSync is also one of the best android music app for the music lover as well as android user. This is a real smart android music app, through this app you can keep your top 25 most played play list us to date.

07: XiiaLive

XiiaLive is also one of the best android app for music app and through this app you can get access to the shout cast directory and some music option.

08: b Tunes-a Android Music app

When we have compared b Tunes Android music app with other music apps than we find best music app from all other apps. It is very nice android music app and works better than the android’s native music player.

09: Songbird Android Music app

Songbird is also included in the list of top ten android apps for music. It is full featured app available in the market place.

10: TuneWiki- a social Music app

TuneWiki is very nice music app and best for music lover; it contains 2.5 million song library, and complete Facebook, Twitter addition.

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