This Week’s Top Downloads

  • Turn Windows Installation DVD into a USB-Based Installer Using WinToFlashwintoflash

WinToFlash can turn your Windows installation DVD into an installation flash drive, and much more.

  • Easy Music Downloads Possible with Songbeat 360

song beat Songbeat, which was famous for the search-and-click MP3 download but did not have a legal standing, has now become a cross-platform Adobe AIR application. This application can be used with Windows, Mac or Linux.

  • Opera 10 Final Available for Download

opera-10-beta We have used Opera 10 in beta and release candidate forms already. Now, it has officially hit the net today, with its new Turbo compression, new easier interface, and visual tab bar to the browser feature battle. Can be used with Windows/Mac/Linux.

  • Microsoft Offers 90-Day Trial of Windows 7 Enterprise RTM

window 7 enterprise Here is a chance to use Windows 7 for free! If you want to check it out before deciding to purchase it, you can do so as Microsoft is offering a free 90-day trial of Windows 7 Enterprise, with no strings attached.

  • Helvetical Turns Google Calendar Into a Thing of Beauty

helvetical Although Google Calendar isn’t really unattractive, but when you will compare it to the sleek, clean look of Google Calendar with the Helvetical user script, you will appreciate the difference. The Calendar can be used with Firefox/Chrome/Opera/IE.

  • Browser Chooser Asks You Which Browser to Open New Links In

browser-chooser With so many browsers in the market, many of us are running multiple browsers on our computers for various tasks. Browser Chooser allows you to direct new links into your preferred browser each time. This can be used with Windows only.

  • TweetMyMac Remote Controls Your Mac via Twitter

tweetMac TweetMyMac is a free application that enables you to control your Mac from anywhere you can access Twitter by a remote, allowing you to restart and shutdown your computer, take a screenshot, open a torrent, and much more.

  • TabNavigator Brings Alt+Tab Style Navigation to Firefox

TabNavigator offers a visual way to quickly navigate between tabs in Firefox. You can now get the Windows-style Alt+Tab switching in Firefox.

  • eBook Library Organizes and Indexes Your Books

eBook library It is now possible to organize your eBooks by using the Sony’s eBook Library, whether you have a Sony Reader or not. The eBook Library Organizer works with Windows/Mac.

  • Weave 0.6 Updates with New Look, Performance Boost, Personas Sync

Mozilla Weave, was updated today with a new, polished user interface for setting up and configuring your sync preferences, including some major performance improvements, better error handling, and support for syncing Personas. Works with Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux).

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  1. Thumbs up for Opera 10(always a fan) but I have to say thumbs down for the new Songbeat version.They have no deal with the music labels, charge you for searching something that is free and I guess the list can go on…

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