The Five Highest Selling Phones of 2010

The International Data Corporation (IDC), which is a market research organization, has recently organized the top five selling mobile phones for the first quarter of year.

top 5 phones

As expected, the first position has been taken by Nokia, proving that it is still the top leader in the mobile phone market. Next two positions have been occupied by Samsung and LG, while RIM, the makers of Blackberry, has replaced Motorola to come together with Sony Ericsson in the fourth position. Surprisingly, Motorola and the Apple iPhone did not make it to the list.

Earlier last year, Motorola held the number two position and by the end of last year, it had come on five but is now out of the list. RIM has entered into the top five due to the increasing demand for its Blackberry in the global market. RIM has shipped about 10.6 million units of mobile phones in the first quarter of the year.

However, the much popular iPhone from Apple didn’t make the list, although it is officially recognized as the highest selling phone in  U.S with 8.8 million units sold in first quarter of 2010 as compared to Motorola which sold 8.5 million units. Moreover, there was no sign of Google’s Nexus One which was so hyped about in the last quarter of 2009.

Figures show that the overall global phone market has grown 21.7 per cent in first quarter of 2010, showing good signs for the phone market for the rest of the year, as compared to the market reduction in first quarter of 2009. The smartphone has been held responsible for the increase in the market growth.

According to reports, a total of 294.9 million units of mobile phones were shipped in the first quarter of 2010 as compared to 242.4 million units that were sold in first quarter of 2009.

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