Download Old Classic DOS Games

We may have entered this modern world but we still miss our old days when we started our trip with our PCs, playing classic DOS games on our 386 and 286 systems. Interesting thing is, some of those games are still played by many people.

Those who got low memory laptops, Unix-based systems, DOS emulators or low graphics on their PC, would thank God for these classic DOS games that can run better on your computer as compare to modern games. Though the graphics and sound effects sucks, don’t forget these games are quite old.

You can download these DOS games from many sites, for free. So, here are the reviews of some classic DOS games you might want to check out:

1. Xargon

Xargon is an epic fantasy plus action game. To advance the game, you have to counter various obstacles on your way on each level and to pass each level, the player must find the exit. It is an intriguing action game and you are provided with lots of weapons, like fireballs, laser bolts and rocks, to kill the monsters. The graphics of this game are better, if you consider other old games.


2. Brix

A grasping puzzle game presenting an array of blocks, which can be moved across the screen. The goal of the game is to finish all the blocks in a level by matching same type of blocks within a time limit. There are over 100 levels in this game, can you believe it?


3. Commander Keen

This classic DOS game is still fun to play. You goal is to find the pogo stick, which enables continuous jumping. You can find ray guns to kill your enemies and don’t even try to touch your enemies- it will kill you. It’s cheating but just to give you a hint; level 1 and 3 contains secret passages. Now, it’s your headache to find them.


4. Captain Comic

It is an adventure and action bearing classic DOS game. The story-plot of the game is to find the three artifacts; The thousand coins of Tenure, The crown of ages and The mystical gems of Lascorbanos. To find them, player has to travel through different stages and the game ends when you succeed.


5. Duke Nukem

It’s a 2D action game with interesting game plot. You have to kill your enemies and pass several obstacles to exit each level. The main goal of the game is to find and defeat Dr. Proton, whom you will encounter on the last level.

It is a real classic DOS game and is still discussed on Slashdot. So, download it in your PC and enjoy this action and run-and-gun game.


6. Cosmo

Yes, we are talking about the cute little alien ‘Cosmo’. Cosmo is the main character of the game with hands like suction-cup. You player, Cosmo, can make high-jumps and hanging which will help you passing each level.

Jumping on enemies will kill them and you can also collect bombs for that matter. There are also shield cubes which will make Cosmo invisible for some while. So, enjoy this classic DOS action game.


Significance Of Affordable Hosting Servers

Cheap and affordable servers are the need of today life. New milestones can only be achieved by adopting these. The facility of sending e-mails to co-workers is the need of everyday office work. E-mailing is mostly preferred than to tell something verbally.

Role Of Exchange Server

Exchange Server can easily be installed in an organization either business organization, medical organization, educational organization or technological organization. The only click in this way will send a message to another end with full security and reliability. Security in this regard is the authenticity within the organization. Reliability is due to the limited geographical area concerned.

The area of exchange server is always limited to a single building that is why the chance of data loss in extremely rare.

Functions Of Backup Server:

This server is totally concerned with the data backup and recovery. The server can easily be installed using two to three high specification computers with large memory.

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Importance Of Right Domain Name

If you are planning to create a domain name for your new website, you must know how to choose a right domain name. Whether you are individual or have a business, every one now desires to have their domain name on the internet. Ratio has increased specially in last decade; the sole purpose is to promote business.

Domain name is needed to identify your business Just as for conventional business you need a physical location and address.

Sub Level Domain Names

Domain names are structured in top and sub level domain names. Your domain name is combination of sub level which is your projected name plus top level domain. Examples of top level domains are .edu .org .gov .edu.

Domain Name Registration

There are numberless agencies providing services like registration of domain name, maintenance, hosting services, selecting names. It maximum takes 72 hours in registration.  You can easily go to web and find agencies corresponding to your need and affordability.

How To Select A Right Domain Name?

When selecting a right domain name you must select words that one can remember easily and can easily be engraved in the brains of customers.

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How to have some Hacking Fun Through Google

First of all ‘Hacking’ through Google is not an evil thing if you are not confusing hacking with cracking. Well, if we go and make some searches on Google which brings out some confidential information about a website, it is website’s headache to secure information.

What makes difference is what you are going to do with that data. For instance, if you are a heavenly angel you can contact the owner of the site and give him good advice. Or, If one owns his own website then he can also check his website’s security by these ‘Hacking through Google’ Methods. Here we highlight some more methods of Fun and Hacking Through Google:

signin filetype:url

After searching this, I guess you know what you will get. This is absolutely not the way of using javascript to manage passwords. Will someone go and tell them how to do things properly?

“index of /” ( upload.cfm | upload.asp | upload.php | upload.cgi | upload.jsp | )

Certainly a great way to find uploading pages of websites. Google through it and you will find some hits who want to donate you free storage. Go, just take it.

(intitle:”WordPress › Setup Configuration File”)|(inurl:”setup-

We all know WordPress is ruling the blog systems. If you are running a WordPress blog, you certainly don’t want some black-hat hacker, cracker, to find a peeping-hole in your website.

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DSL For Businesses

DSL is an abbreviation for Digital Subscriber Line. It is a high-speed connection that uses existing telephone wires for data transmission requiring a modem which can connect to your computer. So with DSL, businesses can link to the internet, obtain video and data, at a much faster speed than with any dial up connection.

Also unlike a dial up connection, DSL is always connected to the internet. No doubt, the cost is higher than a dial up connection but the amazing features make up for this. These features include VoIP (voice over internet protocol), integrated voice and data services, web hosting, video conferencing and company intranet facilities.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

This feature simply means the distribution of voice information using the internet. This has the power to send more than one telephone call at a time using the same connection, removing the need of extra telephone lines. Automatic redialing, caller ID, call forwarding and conference calling, are standard features on VoIP, without any extra charges unlike on a standard telephone connection. A business can save up lots of money with this feature.

Integrated Voice And Data Services On DSL

Internet access, Voice transmission and data transmission can be combined on a single line. This will not only save money but also create simplified bills and reduce the paperwork. Features included in this package are inward dialing which allows direct line phone numbers to be assigned to different employees, ‘line roll over’ which allows a phone call to be routed to another available line and also the feature to block caller ID on outgoing calls.

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When To Say ‘No’ To Linux

You might have come across several posts regarding Open Source and Linux, Why should one chose Linux or stuff like that, but they all are pro-Linux. At the end of, almost, every post one gets to know that Linux might not be a viable choice for some users. Well, following list is going to answer your entire why questions:

Why Should Gamers Not Choose Linux

Here, we are not regarding the players of solitaire or geek-puzzle as gamers, instead who play tons of Action, Racing and MMORG. Let’s hope you are in and then Linux as solo OS in your system would be the last thing you want. Honestly, all the proprietary games we play are not even planning to head towards Linux platform.

When we use the term gaming, doesn’t matter how many emulators or workarounds you stumble upon, we mean playing games which are primarily designed for platforms. I wonder when will Linux developers decide to concentrate on this matter.

A Distinct Walk is Better Than pursuing Windows

It was good to see almost all distros migrating from command line to display oriented desktops. After that we expected them to get their own look, but we can see many distros mimicking windows and XP. Seriously, if you need XP you would know where to find it. Why should you use XP ditto Linux?

Desktop Problems Favors Not Choosing Linux

First thing a person would like to see on a display oriented desktop would be detection of good default setting.

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How Hackers Use Google to Find Targets

Google hacks often make a glimpse on Slashdot, Digg, or StumbleUpon and some web admins know what to do when some don’t even have a clue. Well, here we quote some of the hacks which are commonly known.

You can try these out to check the security of your website or if you are looking forward to hack a site:

“My SQL error With Query”

This will get you specific query strings with specifics of the site’s database, for instance column, row and table name. Let’s see if some one is dumb enough to put his password and username in the query strings.

“supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource”

Another interesting SQL error which, sometimes, even pops out the architecture of server and the locality of sensitive files. For instance if you get this “/users/cwq00/base/web/system/dbwrappers/db.mysql_db.php on line 114″, you know what to do, right?

inurl:awstats file:txt

Webmasters use Awstats as utility for data importing. And some of them are foolish enough to keep a text copy so that you can find out about their traffic more than they would like you to know.

“This summary was generated by wwwstat”

Above is another great example of stat finder. But this one really comes handy on intranet system and associated servers.


You certainly don’t want someone to find about your buddy list on AOL, right? It must be very old though and it’s out of imagination why I still find these buddy lists.

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When Should I Use a UNIX System?

Chatter about free UNIX systems, such as Linux, BSD and Open Solaris, seems to amplify every incoming month. However, if you haven’t experienced any one of them, you must be puzzled about all the controversies you get across. Honestly, the type affection these systems get hardly reaches any of their competitors.

Following list reflects triumphs of UNIX systems, and what makes them worthy of all the affection they get.

Free UNIX Systems Pride On The Security They Offer

Security is a best feature one can get for his operating system. Up to this mark, last thing one can expect from a UNIX system is a presence of security loophole. No vicious software, such as virus, Trojan, or worm, exists which can endanger UNIX system in wild.

UNIX systems have superlative fool-proof security. It encloses the idea of file permissions. Administrator, group and user require various permissions to write, read or eliminate each distinct file. This implies to any program in use – for example, all that a virus, downloaded through email, can do is corrupt your home directory.

Free UNIX Systems Are Built For General Public

Why a Person using free UNIX system never has to worry about licensing or not getting his system update because of piracy? That is because free UNIX systems, belonging to general public, are registered under GNU general public license or equivalence on BSD. Programmers can please themselves by playing around with these systems or fix something and then post the free patch for everybody.

UNIX system; First Mature OS

First UNIX OS was built at AT&T Bell lab even before the amplification of house hold computers. Everything, possible on computers, first happens on UNIX.

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Free Windows’ Games On Linux

Playing games on Linux is certainly an absurd idea to many people. Though there are some open source games available, but you can’t impose few games on huge community because every one has a distinct taste. Well, to cover that gaming part, emulator software named ‘WineHQ’ came up which can run many windows’ games flawlessly and some with little problems. Up till now, this software is doing great work.

Today, we are spotlighting some, abandonware gems, games which have good compatibility with WineHQ. Though these games might not have earned fame, which may be due to ‘no promotion’ by company. Well, whatever the case is, these games are great and you will have fun playing them on Linux.

1. Sanitarium

Sanitarium is an adventure game involving the character of a man who awakes in an asylum, after a car accident, suffering from amnesia. To advance in game, you need to find different clues to help you solve puzzles.

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