Opera’s New Internet Browser

New Opera browser is much faster as well as more stable. Opera acquires 3 pct of browser market share, equally to Google and Apple.untitled

Download Opera 10

Norway’s Opera Software (OPERA.OL) unleashed on Tuesday the latest edition of its browser, Opera 10. It delivers faster downloads, new design and new features.

Opera is struggling for the rank of third-largest browser maker competing Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari. Microsoft and Mozilla are still the giant players. Opera is far behind than these browser makers.

Officials said the new version is significantly fast on resource-intensive pages like Gmail and Facebook. It carries features including full thumbnails of all open tabs.

A primary feature of this version is its Turbo feature which is designed for low connections. It packages web pages.

Turbo features speed up the browsing speed up to 8 times than other competing browsers while working with low connection speeds.

The company brought this Turbo technology after working a lot on it. They enhanced the overall stability of the product making it the most stable Opera browser so far.

The companies normally present number of successive test versions of their browsers that helps them incorporating people’s feedback in their developments before releasing its final version. As we saw Microsoft came with its IE8 browser in March after testing their test versions for almost one year.

Similarly, Opera unleashed a public test edition of this browser on June 3.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is having approximately 60% share of global internet traffic, and Mozilla’s Firefox takes approx. 30%. Browsers from Opera, Google and Apple take about 3% share each. These statistics are taken from Web analytics firm StatCounter.

Though, Opera is acquiring a very small portion of the global desktop browser market, but it is the most favorite in countries such as Russia and Ukraine. Its mobile browser is the most in-use browser on handsets today.