Most Popular Android Shooting Games

There is large number of android shooting games that can be searched while surfing but finding those which are the addictive ones is bit difficult. To satisfy the craze of android shooting games lover the collection of such games readily available is of great worth. Many Android games are quite joyful and addictive. Here is the list of top ten top rated shooting android games to ease the users.

1. Quake


Quake has been now on a Droid. It ran really well. Its developer is Thunderbird2k. It looks better. It supports touch screen. With the frame rate of 30 fps it can jumped to even 50 in smaller parts of a map.

2. Heavy Gunner

Heavy Gunner

It is 3D an action packed game. Controlled by single person accelerometer, can be played with dual stick. With dual, you can blast your enemies from each side & control the aim of your weapons independently. It helps learning controls.

3. Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt

The Bluefoot Solutions developed Droid Duck Hunt for Android. The classic version of this game has disappointing controls and lacks number of levels. To shoot simply, press on the display screen. The drawback is it moves too slowly also the tree on the right hand side of the screen is too thick so if a duck flies behind the tree it is difficult to see and/or shoot it.

4. Big Range Hunting

Big Range Hunting

For the lovers of hunting, it is like real life experience of world travel to hunt. Follow & fire your target in their natural environment. Each species selected for hunting reacts differently so adapt your hunting strategy earlier.

5. iCommando Android Game


It is a first-person sniper shooting game. The game missions is to abolish all enemies before time runs out and complete the goal by killing the opposition’s leader to go to the next level.

6. Sniper Shot

Sniper Shot

Using deadly sniper rifle, look at the outer world over the telescopic sight.

Select from wide range of weapon to your liking from the top weapon systems all times, using dangerous M82, famous AK47 and bazooka also.

7. Counter Strike

Counter Strike

It is based on the classic Counter Strike game. It is multiplayer single mission game. Counter Strike has a Connectivity Award of IMGA. With a large selection of weapon for task performance it also has cool graphics.

8. Sniper Vs Sniper

Sniper Vs Sniper

Sniper Vs Sniper is a big mission game with special missions of 30 and 6 maps of high resolution. Player can enjoy alliance attack mode. The problem with it is that ID cannot be changed when a new friend is added.

9. ToonWarz For Android

ToonWarz For Android

ToonWarz is an action game. With 3D Frame per Seconds, the game supports both single player missions and real-time multiplayer death-matches. If used with 2.0 devices, it also supports Multi-touch.

10. AntiBody Lite

AntiBody Lite

To test your tricks and rapidness Antibody lite game has 60 levels of increasing difficulty.  It uses latest technologies for user’s convenience. The game designed for android starts with the version 1.5.

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