Live Chat On This Blog is Available

With addition of the new widgets in sidebar, Live Chat is now available at all my blogs. When ever I am online, you can see my status right here on the blog. you can click one the white balloon on right to reach me when I am signed in to Google. While the bigger chat box below the ‘Recent Tabs’ will let you chat live with me on MSN. you don’t need to have Gtalk or MSN. the web versions are already loaded.

I’m not so sure. if Live Chat will actually will work on blogs like mine or not. I just thought it is a clever idea to include these widgets so people can contact me when I am online. It probably is a better mode of communication with my existing readers. On the flip side is that all chats are lost, once they are done. I can definitely save them on my IM (highly unlikely, I know). Now This is a a new problem: IM conversations generally have a poor signal-to-noise ratio, making it virtually impossible for subsequent readers to find the information they’re looking for. Oh, and don’t get me started on the spam problem. The other potential pitfalls are perm linking and search. The benefit of comments is that they can be perm inked – they become mini-blogs of their own The other advantage of a permanent record is that it turns up in search results – I often find the information I’m looking for in blog comments. If there is no perm link structure for live chat and the chats aren’t stored on the originating blog, all these advantages are lost.

Live Chat on Blog

I may be pushing live chat to its edge but I really want to know the people who visit my blogs. It is very personal and I have every right to engage people visiting my street in any manner I deem fit. period. lol

I think I will give it a shot for a week or two and see the results. Two things can happen, Either I will be over whelmed by the visitors constantly nudging me with PMs or People will just simple ignore these widgets and just pass by silently. I am betting on the second one, while Paul is standing next to me and he thinks I have made a mistake of my life.. let’s see whose prediction comes true.

I wanted to add a section on how to implement live chat on your blog but I think It would be more interesting if you ask me through chat to help you with that :) I am waiting folks..

Have a nice day!

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