List of Heart Rate Monitor Apps for iPhone

Most of the people spend a lot of money to maintain their health. It is no doubt very important for every one to have a good health. For this purpose iPhone is providing many healthy iPhone applications that will help an iPhone user to maintain a very good health. As iPhone is the most popular mobile phone in the world, it is providing many heart rate monitors iPhone applications besides many entertaining and business applications.

Best 23 Heart Rate Monitors for iPhone

 Heart Rate Monitors for iPhone

For good health and to maintain fitness, iPhone is providing many useful and healthy applications for the iPhone users. These applications are also very famous in medical field. These applications help an iPhone user to monitor the heart and pulse. These applications are available with very good tools and detectors. These applications also calculate and inform the iPhone user that how much an iPhone user burns the calories. Out of many heart rate monitors iPhone applications, following are the best 23 iPhone applications.

1. iRun Xtreme: This iPhone application monitors the heart rate by using the microphones of your iPhone mobile.

2. Fit view: This iPhone application is a very good tracking device of your health. This determines blood pressure and sugar level in the blood.

3. Fitness builder: This iPhone application helps an iPhone user to remain fit. This application provides a guideline for the exercise.

4. 12 Fitness Calculators: This iPhone application provides an iPhone user, different detectors to detect your physical progress during exercise.

5. Heart Rate Monitor: HRM is a very famous iPhone application and helps to detect the rate of heart beat during exercise. This application uses iPhone microphones for the process.

6. iHeart: This iPhone application determines your pulse by just holding your iPhone in your hands.

7. iPulse: iPulse is a very famous exercise recording iPhone application. This application also determines the heat beat during exercise.

Health Apps for iPhone

8. iNew Leaf: You can determine your exercise progress by using this advance and useful application. It also determines the amount of calories that you burn during exercise.

9. Vitals view: This application is a multi tasking application. You can determine you pulse, heart beat and blood pressure by using this iPhone application.

10. Gym Tracker: This application provides an iPhone user, different tips for the workout and also determines the pulse and blood pressure during exercise.

11. iHeart rate monitor: This application provides a complete checkup of your body that includes blood pressure, pulse rate, heart beat and blood sugar level.  It is a very useful application for the gym members.

12. Beat monitor: This application uses iPhone microphone to track the heart beat of the iPhone user during exercise.

13. Gym Bio: This application helps an iPhone user to determine the quality of workout done and also maintain records of different exercises.

14. Hcalc: This iPhone application helps you to determine the heart rate of the user.

15. H-rate: H-rate provides heart rate figures and pulse rate to the user.

16. Aerobic View: This application provides you advance tips of aerobic and also determines the heart rate.

17. My Check Up: You can save your health records in this application so that you can inform your doctor about these records. It measures your pulse rate and blood pressure.

18. Fitness Calculator: This is an advance iPhone application that enables an iPhone user to maintain fitness and health.

19. My Work Out: This is a small iPhone application that helps an iPhone user to save the daily fitness records in iPhone memory.

20. RPM – Heart Rate Calculator: It is a very simple iPhone application that only determines your heart rate during exercise.

21. iBPM+ – Heart Rate Monitor: It provides you multi functions about your health like blood pressure readings, pulse rate and heart rate.

22. Heart Log: This iPhone application is especially designed for those who are heart patients and need to save complete records about their heart rate.

23. Absolute Fitness: This application provides you the figures of your blood pressure, pulse rate and heart rate.