Linutop: The Compact Linux Computer

Linutop is a ready to use, small computer that has been designed to reduce maintenance costs. It uses the Linutop operating system that is stored on an internal flash memory and cannot be altered by virus or mishap. You can always recover the initial state at each start up.


This small computer comes with free, standard ready to use Linux software, Firefox, Open Office, VLC Media player, and can be easily customized with additional software.


linutop_pocketll With no moving parts, Linutop offers a completely silent (0 dB), energy efficient operation in an extremely small package.

This amazingly compact computer is extremely useful for public access Internet Kiosks. It can be set up with Firefox, or any other Internet access software as the starting application, with predefined parameters. The kiosk settings can be protected with a password so that the initial state is always recovered at each start up. The software is stored on an internal flash memory; therefore it is safe from virus and mishap. Ideally, it can be placed in waiting rooms, hospitals, hotel lobbies and other such public places.

Linutop is also a great computer to be used as an office desktop. It comes bundled with software that’s designed for easy and reliable office use and Internet access. The computer is fully compatible with online applications and all office standard formats. It’s the best office solution linutop2.2-announcementllfor shared office environments, banks, small businesses, factories; in short it’s the best choice for pretty much all kinds of office needs.

Another great application of this astounding piece of compact machinery is its use for Digital Signage. Linutop is extremely reliable when it comes to the display of non-stop digital content. It’s an easy to set up, and a very affordable Digital Signage solution that is perfect shops, bar kiosks, public transport and all such places that display signs.

Linutop is available in two models; namely Linutop 1 and Linutop 2.

Linutop 1linutop_desk_USBs

Linutop 1 is the smallest and the most energy efficient computer in its line, instantly starting when plugged in. It is great for displays, digital signage and industrial environments.

Given below are the hardware specifications for Linutop 1.

Processor AMD Geode LX700 (x86)
Weight 280 grams
Power < 5W / DC in 9V – 1,5A
Size 9.3 x 2.7 x 15 cm (3.66×1.06×5.9 in)
RAM 256 MB
Storage 1GB USB Key (external)
Network 10/100baseT Ethernet (RJ-45)
PXE Boot Thin client use
Audio 1 in & 2 out 3mm
Video VGA output (SUB-D15)Resolution 1920×1440 max

2D Graphic Acceleration

Extension 4x USB 2.0 ports
Misc Strong Aluminum Case.
Warranty 1 year (extensible to 3 years)

linutop_USBkey_revolutionll Linutop 2linutop2-mounting-bracketll

Unlike the external USB Key for Linutop 1, Linutop 2 has an internal flash memory to store the software and operating system. And with double the RAM of Linutop 1, at 512 MB, it can also run OpenOffice.

It’s the perfect solution for a stand alone, low maintenance Desktop Computer and Internet Kiosk.

Processor AMD Geode LX800 (x86)
Weight 580 grams
Power < 8W / 12V – 3,3A
AC adapter 110-240V~ 50/60Hz
Size 14 x 14 x 3.5 cm (5.5×5.5×1.38 in)
RAM 512 MB up to 1 GB
Storage 1 GB Flash Memory (Internal)
Network 10/100baseT Ethernet (RJ-45)
PXE Boot Thin client use
Audio 1 in & 2 out 3mm
Video VGA output (SUB-D15)Resolution 1920×1440 max

2D Graphic Acceleration

Anti-Theft Kensington Security Slot
Extension 4x USB 2.0 ports
Misc. Internal clock backup
Power on button.
Strong Aluminum Case
Warranty 1 year (extensible to 3 years)


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