Is This Your Server Room?

Now this is how your server room should never look like. These server rooms are disgrace for all they teach in IT Schools about structured cabling and redundancy. These pictures are collected over time from different websites, emails and friends. They are probably best examples of how not to setup your corporate server room. I don’t know how people get away with this but they do. The systems administrators should quit or be fired for being too lazy. BTW, Is this your server room?








30 thoughts on “Is This Your Server Room?”

  1. Well, system admins MUST organize the server rooms in order to avoid any sort of disasters. But sometimes they are pressed for time and they don’t care of organizing it.

    Industry don’t give enough attention or i should say time and money to clear up this mess as this seems unproductive to them.

    But very good point.

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  2. Wow, go figure, all you geeks and nerds sit here and complain…”I hope this is not Google´s server.” “The network administrators of those organization ought to be strongly rebuked. Even if their organization is on a shoe tight budget, it is no excuse for such untidiness…..””IT’s Quite RISKY to be in this kind of server rooms !!” BUT THEN YOU GO TO THE TOTAL OPPOSITE OF THAT AT . And all you crying little bitches are about….”pain in the ass is more like it. Try tracing a cable when you have to with 7 tie wraps every 2 feet…” “While they may look pretty they are still forgetting one key factor. There is no labeling to be found.
    So when that bumbling idiot replaces a piece of hardware and just disconnects everything you have no clue where it goes.”. You are the reason that normal people usually hate sys admins and IT depts. you cant have it both ways, you have got to be the stupidest bunch of smart people that I have seen on the net in quite a while. And don’t bother responding to this & attacking me, I’ll probably never come back to read it. And I would HATE to take any of your precious D&D or WoW time….and if you absolutely have to, then go right ahead, just remember the old adage…..”arguing on the internet is like running in the special Olympics, regardless if you win or not, your still retarded.”

  3. Well actually i guess it would smell like fish. Don’t know what your shit smells like but usually not like fish. :P

  4. As bas as this is, it really does not surprise me since I have seen this if not worse in times past which is horrible.

    Not sure how they fix, check, implement new stuff with this kind of mess going on ?!?

  5. never ever judge the book from the cover.. they maybe messy.. but they could me much fast and more efficient to repair if something goes wrong..

  6. actually the one with the fish seems pretty neat, no spaghetti coming out or things equilibrating…maybe he goes fishing in his lunch breaks..heheh

  7. Don’t dis the SysAdmins. Many of them don’t work in this kind of environment and actually work on the systems themselves. I speak from first hand experience as I work for a major hosting provider. We have Hosting Techs and Hardware teams that handle all of our racking and installation of hardware. Us SysAdmins sit at our desk all day and actually run the systems.

  8. @Ben – maybe it just shows that given any situation, we can find ways to make it better

    re: “regardless if you win or not, your still retarded” – says the guy who took the time to quote posts from 2 articles.

    PS – “you’re” still retarded…

  9. Too many zip ties in the “good” example. Nightmare to swap out a failed cable when they are tied to often. I much prefer to use velcro ties.

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