Is N9 is better Than N8?

Nokia is one of the best mobile companies. With each model it comes up with, it has new and improved features. Technology changes day by day and Nokia also enhances and launches its products according to the needs of modern era.

Nokia N8 Smart Phone

Nokia N8

This model is one of Nokia’s hottest mobiles. The N8 has been released. It seems to be doing quite well.

The first great feature of this mobile is that you can shoot things in HD version. It has a large 12 MP sensor and Carl Zeiss optics. This allows you to capture great images. Also the Xenon flash lets you take great pictures in low-light conditions.

Secondly, it is powered by Symbian. This means you can enjoy over 250 exciting new features. This includes things like HD video playback on your compatible TV. You can do so much without sacrificing your battery life.

This great phone features an HDMI connection as well. This means that you can see all your images, music and videos on compatible televisions and projectors. It also features premium-quality, “Dolby Digital Plus Technology.” Movies look so much better on it.

Lastly, you can access all your favorite channels like CNN on this phone. You can visit Ovi Store to find out more details. It is a great phone.

Nokia N9

Nokia N9

Even before the N8 was released, its successor was ready. One must praise Nokia for their creativity and fast work. There is a difference between both the N8 and N9 models.

The Keyboard

The biggest difference between both the phones is the keypad. This is no ordinary keypad. It is a slide-out QWERTY one. The keys are different.

The Specs

The specs of the N9 are spotty. This could be disappointing but one will have to see it once it has launched. It will, however, be powered by the same Meego OS, which is in the N8.


As yet the N9 has only been shown in one color. That is the classic silver. However, it is likely that there is a black one available at the launch too.

The Source

The news about N9 was top secret. Many people did not know this. However, thanks to Eldar Murtazin the news has become common knowledge. He has been the source of this leak.

He is the same guy who reviewed the N8, before it was released. Well thanks to him we all know about the new N9. All the Nokia lovers should be happy to hear about it. According to Eldar the phone should be out in early December.

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