How To Install/Run Android OS on Your Laptop or PC

Ok! so Android has up till now been the gem of mobile phones, however, here is some good news for PC geeks! You can actually install and run Google’s Android OS on your very own desktop and laptop. And I am going to help you to set that up! Just follow these instructions and you’re ready to give Google Android a test in the real world of computing! Here is a guide for you to download and to install the operating system.


How To Save it In a Flash Drive

1). The Android OS is a freeware and you don’t have to pay a single penny to get it on your hard drive. Search on any legal software download site and click this following file, “android x86 1.6-r2.iso”. This will download the set up of Android.

2). One other resource that could be very helpful in downloading Anrdoid is the UNetBootin software. It helps you to download stuff for Windows or for Linux effectively. Its like a wizard, so you don’t have to do any kind of structural implementation.

3). After the download finishes, run Unetbootin and be sure to choose the Diskimage and not the Custom. In the Diskimage you will be inserting the downloaded Android ISO file (save that file on the desktop for easy access). Then choose your desired flash drive and click ok.


4). The files will be copied to the flash drive and once its done, you will have to reboot your PC. In this way you can run your Android from your flash drive.

How To Install from the Flash Drive

1). Now that you have the operating system on your flash drive, it’s time you get it installed on the system through your BIOS.

2). Get to your BIOS settings and boot the drive from there. If you are installing from the flash drive, there will be a notification like this, “Install Anrdoid-x86 to harddisk.”


3). As with installation of Windows, here too you will select the specific partition that the OS will be installed on.

4). Once that’s done, format the file system, and keep an EXT3 system.

5). Wait for the system to take in the operating system. When all internal installation is done, you will be asked to reboot your system. Reboot it and there you are! Android x-86 right there on your system for you to explore and work on.