How to Copy PSP Games to Memory Card?

Games nowadays are very good sources of amusement. Most of us play many types of games either physical or computer based/PSP. In computer based games an individual might encounter a problem of losing the collection he/she has or he/she could fear to lose the collection of his/her favorite games. That would be quite painful.

PSP games

The below tutorial have the solution of your problem. The focus of the tutorial is to guide you that how you can create backup of the collection of games you’ve in your PSP by copying it to the memory card. It’s very simple and easy all you need to do is to read and implement all the steps mentioned in the tutorial. For the purpose we would be requiring some software; UMD Dumper, Fast loader, and UMD Emulator.

Backup & Copy PSP Games to the Memory Card

Here is the list of things that we will need to save all the games.

  1. Pro Stick Duo Memory Card.
  2. PSP to PC Cable or SD Card Reader (to connect your PSP to the computer).
  3. Internet connection.
  4. Dumping Software.

Steps to create backup and copy PSP games

  1. You will need Pro Stick Duo Memory card to copy the games and to create the backup of the existing games. You must have at least 2GB or more free space in your Memory Card.
  2. If you encounter another problem as, because of updating your PSP in to latest version, you are facing problem in running ISO format games. Then it’s necessary that you downgrade firmware.
  • As the above requirements are compiled creating backup process starts.
  • You need to download and install one of the mentioned software to copy PSP games to the memory card. UMD Dumper. Fast loader. UMD Emulator
  • A zip file that contains the PSP games ISO file. Use Magic ISO or any other extracting tool to extract the ISO contents into any folder in your computer
  • Execute the dumping software and use it to dump (Make copy of PSP game) in to your Memory Card.
  • For further assistance, follow the instructions that come with the software once you’ve created the backup of your favorite games and start enjoying them right away.

 Copy games


Some people download the games that actually don’t meet the requirements of the PSP they are using or the software that is running on their system is not compatible. To cope up with that follow the instructions to prevent yourself from such a scenario.

  • Read all the system requirements related to the hardware of the game that you download and make sure that you have installed all the programs required to run that game.
  • The information about system requirements and related program that you might require to run the game could be either found in ISO file, or you can manually search the well known games related websites. Mostly, we have that information in the ISO file.