Google’s Innovative Application:Google Earth

Want to see a place but cannot afford the trip well the internet is the place that solves many problems and it has solved this one too. Google has introduced its service named Google Earth which takes you any place you would like to go by just sitting on the computer. Google Earth is a comprehensive application that can be downloaded on your PC, laptop, Mac and even your smartphone. The best about is that it is free.

How it Works

How it Works

Well, first you have to download the application from the Google website or there is also an online version which is less detailed than the original. Google Earth basically provides satellite images of any place on this Earth. You can visit any city you would like in your home. These places are also detailed with roads and pictures of the places you are currently visiting. Google has put much detail in this application. Many cities are also modeled in three dimensional layers giving a more realistic feeling to the virtual visitor.

Finding Places to go on Google Earth

Google Earth also provides the feature through a person can find restaurants, clubs bars and even business centers of various organizations. You can locate petrol pumps as well as hotels. This feature is clearly the best for tourists who find it hard on a map to find places of interest.

Flight Simulator Game within Google Earth

If you want to fly around different places on Google Earth you can use the flight simulator present in the Google Earth. You can choose either to fly an F-16 fighter jet or an SR22 journey plane. Hence this application also provides a fun game within its already interesting environment.

Visiting Stars

Google Earth is just a name but you can also visit and see the location of stars present in different galaxies. From this application you can not only see the distant stars but you can also get a little bit of information about the particular star as well. This application provides full scale satellite preview of the moon and the planet Mars as well. If you want to see what Mars rover is seeing through its camera you can enjoy it with your eyes using Google Earth. This is also one of the great services that Google Earth is providing its customer. Google Earth also has the feature to show you what the Hubble telescope is seeing. you can see amazing pictures captured by using this historic telescope.

Roaming Cities Using Google Earth

Roaming Cities Using Google Earth

Google started this service through which people can view videos from various cameras installed on different locations by Google under the name of “Google Street View”. You can view live feeds of different places in different cities and enjoy the whole scenario as you were there.

Deep Sea Experience While Using Google Earth

Google’s latest and the most innovative service is the deep sea experience. You can dive into different places in different oceans and experience what the deep blue is hiding from the sky. This is a great feature as you can see what divers see when they dive in.