Electronic Voice Recorders

A digital mini recorder is a recording device that enables a person to record the sounds and voices at any moment. This pen shaped digital mini recorder is very useful for people who belong to different professionals like law enforcement agents can use it to record criminal profiles, students can use it to record lectures, teachers can maintain class assignments through this device and a salesmen can use it to present marketing presentations.

Pen shaped digital mini recorder

Now there is no need to carry extra pens along with you to your class rooms or offices. A digital pen shaped mini records is basically a unique pen that gives you facility to record and write as well. Having such a simple structure and dual functionality this pen is also having a very good reputation in the fields of physicians, attorneys and different employees.

Design of mini digital recorder

This digital mini recorder is available in two colors; one is black and second is chrome. Both colors are very attractive and give a good impression. This mini recorder is available in the market with different versions like 512 megabytes, 1 or 2 gig MP3 player or voice recorder with built in microphones and flash drive. You can store up to 400 to 500 songs and a recording of 130 to 150 hours in 2-gig version of this mini recorder.


This unique and small pen shaped recorder is provided with artificial intelligence that helps to record a human voice with low back ground noise. One can record sounds up to 20 to 25 feet away from the microphone of this digital pen recorder. This digital mini recorder pen is also featured with a build-in FM radio and a USB adapter.

You can also minimize the size of this pen when it is not being in use. Professionals can also use this mini recording device as a storing device and can store important files in it by using USB interface. This mini recorder is compatible for almost all the operating systems that include windows XP, Win98, and MAC.

Other shapes

Digital recorder is also available in different shapes like MP3 player or in a compact handheld unit featuring a 36-hour phone. You can easily carry it with you. This is that much small in size that you can put it in your shirt’s pocket or in a very small purse. Besides all these there is also an upscale version of this mini recorder that is featured with AM/FM radio, 1-gig flash, built-in speakers, digital clock, storage capacity up to 150 hours voice or radio recording and multiple timers for automatic recording.

Price of mini recorder

This small size mini recorder with such wonderful features is very affordable. It has different prices for different versions of recorders like 512 megabytes recorder is of 150 dollars and a 2-gig mini recorder costs you just 200 dollars. You can also find a mini recorder priced from 60 dollars to 90 dollars, depending on features. You can also buy this device by online shopping system and can also have home delivery by ordering online while using your debit or credit card.