Don’t Just Throw your old Computers, Read this First!

It is known by all of us that technology gets old very fast. Everyday new and innovative products are coming in market and encouraging people to throw away or sell their old computers and get a new state of the art and latest technology.

Perhaps depending on your creativity, if you have creative skills then here we are giving you some very cool ideas that you can implement on your old computer. So before reading this post don’t throw away your old PC!

1. Make your PC a Letter Box :


If you have such pc that is somewhat good looking, i.e. an apple or it has got a customized casing then you can take out all its internal hardware, make some space for some letters in it and then turn it into a very cool Letter box!

2. Use your Old Monitor as an Ash Tray :


Certainly it would be a fun to remove the screen from your monitor and then use the mere box as an Ash Tray. Now your old monitor is ready as an ash tray, so you can dump all the cigarette waste in it.

3. Turn your Tower Case into a Bar B Q Cooking point:


If you have planned to throw a BBQ party and for all the cooking you don’t have a stove, but just don’t worry, what you have to do is just take your old CPU casing with you, fill it with coal and then get ready to start cooking some delicious BBQ. And enjoy the BBQ party at your own home with your friends.

4. Turn Tower Case into a Caffeine Machine :


Do you love to drink coffee and so you have some creativity in you? Then you just have to follow the footsteps of a guy who has practically turned his computer into a coffee Machine! Don’t you believe it then have a look at the picture above.

5. Turn Your Monitor into Pet House :


If you have a cat or a mouse (real one) then you can make a house for them. You can do it by utilizing your own old monitor! What a good idea it is? The monitor about what you were thinking that you would sell it or just throw it away has now been converted in a beautiful and comfortable pet house for your dear lovely pet!

6. Make an Aquarium!


I have never seen such a beautiful utilization of an old PC. The way in which it is used for making an aquarium must be praised. Fishes inside monitor screen just look awesome. It is a really very good idea for those who are fond of marine nature.

7. Use your Old Laptop as an Entertainment device in Bath room :


Are you tired of sitting in the bath tub? Now there is no need to get bored, to get rid of a boring bath you just have to adjust your old laptop in bathroom and after that just start enjoying and have a pleasant bath time.

8. Use Monitor as a Toilet Paper container!


I must say that it is a very unique utilization of an old computer monitor. You can use it as a toilet paper container.

9. Use your Monitors as Plant Pots, Create a Computer Garden :


Are you not having enough pots? To get a new one you just have to rip off your old computer monitor and convert it into a Plant Pot. So it just looks like having a computer garden.

10. Use your Tower Case as a Beverage Machine :


It’s a quite unique idea to convert your old tower case into a beverage machine. It will leave a geeky impression on the minds of your friends and relatives. To convert it just fill up CPU with cans of drinks and cut out an opening.

11. Use your beautiful looking Processor as a paper weight :


It is a quite a nice idea to use your beautiful looking Processor as a paper weight.

12. Use your mice to construct Weird Shapes :


You can also use your mice to create some out class weird shapes.

13. Use your mouse as a Tooth Brush holder:


Another use of mouse could be that you may use it as a tooth brush holder.

14. Make a Key Chain or Wind Mill from RAM’s :


You can make a key chain or wind mill by using your old RAM that are not used by you now.

15. Other Weird Things to do !!!


If you have unused keyboard then rip the keys of keyboard and try to balance them on each other, you may create good shapes with them, Isn’t that a good idea!


With the Ctrl, Alt & Del keys you can make a separate Ctrl + Alt + Del board. Yes it really works.


If you are having a lot of useless monitors then you can do this stunt!


And Last of all but it is a really very good idea … Just make it a portable PC.

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