Damn Small Linux only 50mb

From 3 years I have been using linux and most of the time Ubuntu or Kubuntu 2 months with suse because of its killer GUI. Today I have found an incredible distro of linux which is just 50mb small and it is free, and in addition to this its open source is called Damn Small Linux. By using LINUX we come across a couple of benefits the key ones are that it is secure, most of them are free, because of more vast developing features they attracts geeks. This distro is too small which makes it easy to carry it any where with you on any media possible boots.



Compared to its small size DSL (Damn Small Linux) is really having a lot of cool options more than what it sounds, it has such capability that you can run it directly from usb drive, cd or dvd, you can easily install it on hard disk and after that it will turn into a Debian base OS and the developer, you can also probably run DSL on Intel 486DX with 16 mb Ram,

now that is surprisingly amazing, what I mean is that with such configuration the machine runs too much slowly as compared to the speed that we are having in new era.

There are a couple of reason due to which DSL can be really helpful, For a business man who has presentations so he need his own personalized interface where he can show things well, so he can also take advantage of DSL and, in case if you loose your primary OS it can be very helpful as a backup OS and if you want to backup files now what you have to do is to just grab an old usb even 128mb would serve the purpose and make a backup OS as DSL and keep it for bad times or you may use just a CD or we say mini CD’s will be good for this purpose.




You are also able to install further packages to make things according to your needs, basic packages that you have already installed with the download package includes firefox and basic media files audio and video, e-mail client, pdf reader, word processor, file anager image software and many more things.

According to DSL website:
• You can boot from a business card CD as a live linux distribution (LiveCD).
• You can also Boot from a USB pen drive.
• Another way is that you may boot from within a host operating system, yes you have rightly understood, it can run inside Windows.
• It could be run very nicely from an IDE Compact Flash drive via a method which is called by us “frugal install”.
• It can be transformed into a Debian OS with a traditional hard drive install.
• Run light sufficient to power a 486DX with 16MB of Ram
• It can run fully in RAM with as little as 128MB,you will be amazed when you look at the speed of your computer
• It modularly grows, DSL is highly extendable, so there is no need to customize it.

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  1. Can’t wait to try it.
    Your featured article link on “21 Open-Source Applications for Windows” also points to DSL. Just thought you might want to know.

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