Buy a new PC rather than upgrading to Windows 7

The Windows XP users who are considering for upgrade to Windows 7 for them best advice is that don’t do it.

The main disadvantage about upgrading XP to Windows 7 is that upgrade requires reinstalling applications and moving personal data around and as matter of fact no one like to do that.


Because of some good technical reasons Microsoft make it in hard form but for average XP users and many businesses such difficult upgrade makes Windows 7 a hard task for ordinary users. Only the expert or adept users can upgrade their Window XP to Window 7 at their own peril. But for that handy install disks will be needed.

Now the question is that “ Windows XP can be upgraded to Windows 7 so is it right to upgrade XP”?  For that answer is very simple and short NO!

The best way to have Windows 7 is to buy a new computer that comes with it pre-installed. Because that will save you from trouble and tension and also will save your time and you wont be having any problem about its complicated installation.

Anyhow this course may need or require purchase of new applications. But for that most cautious approach is that to do nothing right now. In my opinion if choice is given about upgrading between Microsoft Office and Windows 7 I will prefer Office.

For Vista users its much easy to upgrade to Windows 7 but as matter of fact Windows 7 do not offer much incentive in terms of features so its better for Vista users to stick with Vista. But if you are having extra money then you can go ahead and upgrade it to Windows 7.


The advice for not upgrading to Windows 7 is only for the individuals, families and for small businesses. But for large companies who have an IT department for them Windows 7 features are important to them. In fact Microsoft had worked hard to make Windows 7 a good enterprise operating system.

The company who is running on XP, if they upgrade to Window 7 then that will need a massive upgrade for that best solution is that to buy a new hardware which is having Windows 7. The corporate options and situations are too complex for giving an authentic advice.

But as I think Windows 7’s main objective is to increase the sales of Apple Macs to current PC owners. The logic behind my this thought is very simple and that is when people will know that upgrading their old XP box is best done by purchasing new hardware, a Mac might seem a very attractive alternative to a new Windows 7 machine.

None of this is intended as a slam of Windows 7 but this is just the way the world has turned out and we have to deal with it.

But for me personally I am not having any plan to upgrade my existing XP to Win 7.

2 thoughts on “Buy a new PC rather than upgrading to Windows 7”

  1. To be honnest I disagree with your comments on how XP users shouldnt upgrade to Windows 7. The only valid reason for this is if you dont have a clue on how to install an operating system. The windows 7 installation is the same as the windows xp installation its really simple. And as for system specs .. I purchased a Vista laptop but i installed windows xp because i prefer that operating system. I have also installed windows 7 on it before and that was a painless process. Thanks for the post howver i enjoyed reading it .

  2. i would like to suggest that if you have the option add another memory bar and partion your computer for both both xp and windows 7 i have 200gb on xp 64 now and 200gb on xp 32 which i do not use so that is my plan if you are not tech savvy you can have a tech check it out for you and se if it would be cheaper to do this than buy a new computer

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