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One can’t have iPad all the time in his hands, and it’s too risky to be in pockets forever. One surely needs an iPad stand which is handy, cute and looks great on iPad. There are a variety of iPad stands, which fulfill the ease and desire of the iPad holders. Whenever the stands are been looked at, a few factors are always considered, their reliability, flexibility, smartness, price and style. Some of the very cool designs are as follows.

1) Chillbed Chilltab2

Chillbed Chilltab2

In case of stands the first thing that comes to mind is reliability. Chillbed chilltab2 made from aluminum satisfies the need of reliability as it is quite hard. At the same time, as hardness and flexibility are the rivals from centuries it also means that Chillbed chilltab is not flexible enough. It is smart, elegant but the price us quite high that is $39.99 almost $40.

2) Deluxe Leather Multi-view Case/Folio (White)

Deluxe Leather Multi-view Case Folio White

The case is cute, reliable and looks smart. It is also available in red and brown versions, red looks quite fashionable. For the ease of customers, it has more than 15 adjustment options. These options have made network surfing, video watching and messaging quite easy. Deluxe Leather made by professionals who have tried to provide total comfort to the users. There is a flap that ensures that iPad has been securely held in the pouch which has provided a lot of ease.

3) iPad Keyboard Dock, (iPad Dock)

iPad Keyboard Dock

$76.98 seems a lot of money especially for the case when an iPad stand is bought. However, again it’s the diamond that has the highest price. The iPad is worth the price. As the name suggests it has a keyboard attached to it. It’s the keyboard that makes that expensive but the same time it makes it unique.

It is also available without keyboard, which makes it 22.53$. Moreover, fixed synchronized connector keeps the screen at a fixed angle.

4) elago P2 Stand For iPad And Tablet PC (iPad 2 Compatible)

elago P2 Stand For iPad And Tablet PC

elago P2 Stand is just awesome. It makes room and life so live. The elago P2 is a smart, dash, elegant and cool stand. It is made up of aluminum and is designed for different tablet PCs. The screen is not adjustable. The iPad screen sits at a right angle. It is specially made for the style, and price is also feasible. It is one of the best choices made. There is also a hole for iPad cable management at the back.

5) Griffin A-Frame (iPad 2 Compatible)

Griffin A-Frame

Those who like aluminum stands, here comes Griffin A-Frame. With a price of almost 31$ it is quite handy. It is made for landscapes specially. It is quite reliable and suits well with the time.  It is also quite simple and elegant. It can be used with different cases and in conjunction with different skins. The price seems to be a bit high. It should have been 20$ to 23$ but the case is worth buying as it is simple and long-lasting.


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  1. Hi there, I manufacture and distribute the ChillTab tablet stand. I appreciate the review, but I am curious to know if you have a Chilltab in your hand in order to do a proper review.
    Your comments on its flexibility seem unfounded. If you desire to know more about the ChillTab, there are plenty of reviews/testimonials on my website or simply by a Google search.
    Thanks for your time. As well the photo is terrible, elongated and out of proportion to the actual product. Please let me know if you need better jpegs or more info.
    Adam Berson
    CEO ChillBed Industries

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