Apple’s Six Worst Products, Ever

Apple always comes with a hit. You know the iPod, the iPhone and the MacBook; all are exceptionally successful. Their designs – their performance all are outstanding making them commercially winning products.

These few good words lead us to wait for many nice things from Apple and endure the misses even more. In the past, Apple presented few embarrassing products in its beautiful white iCloset. We will check out only six here.


1-The Hockey Puck Mouse

From a company like Apple whose first breakthrough was its commercial, mouse-equipped computer, it looks very strange that Apple has never come up with a reliable mouse. So the latest Mighty Mouse is not the thing as the name implies. It pretends to work on single button but actually having two. It has inexplicably copied ThinkPad’s red nipple rather including a scroll wheel.

Not only was it unattractive in design, it was embarrassing to hold due to its size and structure. Users were also unhappy with its too-short cord. Particularly for Apple, the mouse was all style and no substance; style not only triumphed product but finally buried it.


2-The iPod Hi-Fi

Apple’s $350 speaker remained in the market for a short time. Soon after 18 months it was taken out back and now come with lime sprinkling on it. It was an odd accessory from Apple. Such type of products normally goes to a healthy third-party market. As you are seeing in picture; the box is comprised of stereo speakers. It had iPod dock on its top. The price was much high despite poor performance. So, people rejected it at all.



Same as lacking a good mouse, the dearth of quality earphones has also been Apple’s another weakness. No doubt that it is better in sound and more better when we compare it with bundled ‘buds’ available in the market, but they soon break. For new pair Apple wants another $30 from you. So, it is better to spend these bucks on buying any other stuff.

I used many of them, and maximum time I used it was for few months. I also tested latest, remote and microphone-toting mode; it got expired after 5 weeks.



Before putting a disgusting camera in their iPhone, Apple had tried it into their camera – 0.3 megapixel (640 x 480) Apple QuickTake. That model had no option to focus. To get zoom user had to walk closer to the subject. Neither could he blast away as possible in modern digicams. The QuickTake 100, made by Kodak, couldn’t fit more than 8 snaps into its 1-MB memory.

When released the market was quite immature. The QuickTake entered as an earlier consumer digicam in the market. It has always been the strategy of Apple since the iPod: wait till the market establishes, then introduce a simple, better product than others.



It is very well thing since from its start in 2001. Apple’s jukebox software was developed on the third-party Soundjam which Apple bought one year before. It was sleek, efficient and simple to use music player for many years.

Apple thought that iTunes must be the conduit for their iPhones, so they kept adding features even more than required. Lots of features were added to this pared-down, single-minded and simple application. It was synchronized with Outlook, started showing folders in cover flow view and, on the Mac especially, had gotten a monopoly on the SBBOD.

So, the iTunes Store which was greatly user-friendly music store turned into an extremely bad and hard to navigate App Store.

Certainly, nowadays we are using a new, simple and fast music app – Spotify. Apple has pushed itself ahead. I have no objection over selling this revolutionary gadget which is at the same time an iPod, a cellphone and an internet device but the company should also built a same multitasking software to work with it.

Is that all? These failures are major ones. We just focused on today’s Apple products and overlooked the big collection of beige boxes and costly printers.

Waiting for the sixth product?

6- You can name any if remembered!

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