Acer Launched Ion-based Nettop PC

Nvidia has just launched its uniquely oriented Ion podium range. This launch is earlier than expected. In the meanwhile, Acer has become the foremost band to eventually make public the tiny shape feature Ion-based Nettop. This latest method has been documented Aspire Revo and is going to make use of the compass reading Ion podium.


The bunch is an absolute desktop alternate proficient to run 1080p HD Video as jam-packed hardware-decode increase of velocity along with Intel Atom processor as well as Nvidia Geforce 9400M graphics chip.



The latest platform is the foremost Nettop on the way to entirely put forward hardware interpreting for HD movies, in addition to operate the Windows Vista and Windows 7 efficiently. This is an absolute notebook substitution intended for those who would like to perform negligent gambling simultaneously make use of this because HTPC to scrutinize premium HD movies on an outsized monitor.


Technical Specifications:

  • Nvidia 9400M GPU, Atom CPU N230
  • 4GB DDR2 — 800
  • 250GB of storage
  • VGA, HDMI, eSata
  • 4x USB 2.0
  • 4:1 Flash card reader
  • Size: 180×1870x30mm

mini-acer_revo_4 mini-acer_revo_9

The innovative platform is projected to grab the Nettop marketplace as a result of its splendid potentials and feasible cost about $300. The original method will almost immediately be accessible in the global

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  1. This is pretty awesome but I’d imagine that cooling on this thing is lacking. Unless you want to buy some liquid cooling and wrap the tubes around the whole machine, I don’t imagine it’d be worth it. The sounds and heat this thing is going to generate will be tremendous. I have an XCube which is a little bigger, has ventilation, fans and a heat sink and it still gets really hot and gets kind of loud. Sorry for long comment.

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