Power of Voice Recognition Software

Speech recognition is the ability to translate spoken words into written text. Speech recognition software was introduced commercially in the mid 1990’s as a result of rigorous research in this field. Another factor was also the improving programming skills in that era. There are many uses of this software including dictation, computer applications and general internet use.

No matter how advanced the speech recognition software is, it can have greater than 99% translation accuracy. No software can be compared to the natural human data processing capabilities. However in recent years speech recognition software has become very advanced and can produce voice activated text and commands.

Speech Recognition Software For Businesses

A lot of vocal programming software for businesses has made computer use, easier and quicker. Although it must be noted, that such software is not a substitute for typing. Typing is and always will be an essential skill for any trade. However such software can be used for designated functions like medical report making, activating several programs in a computer and business functions such as sending and receiving emails. It can also be used for making basic documents, graphs and charts.

Speech Recognition Software For Medical Transcription

Before the introduction of such software, many doctors used to hire professional transcriptionists to convert spoken medical data about patients into words. Such professionals used headphones to hear the speech and then type the information into a document.

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How To Play Windows Games On Linux?

If a person is only a Windows user, he would rather not face the hassle of playing Windows games on Linux. But yes, if a person is a Linux lover, it will surely make him sad to dual-boot with Windows just for the games not available in open-source. Well, not completely but somewhat problem had been solved when Wine hit the open-source arena because wine enables user to play Windows games on Linux.

Wine is not an emulator, as said by Wine guys. Still we will call it as Windows’ emulator since it lets us play Windows games on Linux by making ‘Virtual Windows environment’ on Linux. Remember it is just an emulator which let us play Windows games on Linux hence, there may be difference in the performance and functionality.

Performance Of Wine Depends Upon Games

Performance on Wine basically depends upon the games you choose to play. Some works perfectly with Wine where as, for some you must know how to work your way in complete darkness when the video chokes out. So, get to know how to restart ‘X desktop environment’ or killing process, using console, by using keyboard shortcuts.

Some Windows games run so marvelously on Linux with Wine that it seems they are absolutely built for Wine. Star Craft and War Craft 3 Frozen Throne deserve their names to be mentioned. Games working perfectly with Wine are low on numbers, but it’s not a fault of Wine developers. Windows was never willing to run its native apps on open-source and same goes for most of the games developer.

Simple Process For Installing Windows Games On Linux Via WineHQ

Well, here is a simple process you can follow to make sure you don’t do anything wrong:

  • First of all, proceed to Application Data Base at WineHQ (http://appdb.winehq.org/) web page. Check out the ratings and feedbacks of other users about the Windows game you want to play on Linux. It will be of use if you get to know about trouble-shooting a problem, in case you face any.
  • Mount the disk containing Windows app to “/mnt/cdrom”, in whatever way you prefer.
  • Start the setup of app with Wine, using command “/mnt/cdrom/setup.exe” would be easier.
  • You might need to reboot the Windows simulation after the installer successfully finishes process.
  • Run Wine with name of the app you want to run e.g. “wine ./.wine/drive_c/Warcraft 3/FrozenThrone.EXE” if you are running famous RPG DotA or TFT.

Get Acquainted With Wine

Now let’s get to know a bit about Wine’s functionality. Home directory for Wine will be ‘.wine’ located in your home directory and inside, there will be a folder named “drive_c” which works as your virtual drive C.

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The Fine Art Of Envelope Printing

Envelopes are used by a lot of businesses, companies, corporations, colleges, schools, government firms and restaurants using direct mailing as part of their marketing strategy. When companies send their letters to customers, they back up their efforts by using professionally designed and attractively printed envelopes.

Such kind of quality printing is provided by publishing companies. These companies handle all kinds of orders including customized printing. An alternate way is to buy envelope printers that can handle multiple jobs. These printers deliver speed of printing and processing of bulk mail. They can also help a company to save additional expenses.

Customized Envelope Printing

Customized printing usually includes a company name, logo, address and contact numbers. When an order is placed, there is a vast choice of font size, style, color and additional features. Usually free samples are mailed to a company, before they place an actual order. Several publishers also offer online ordering and the orders can be customized and viewed online.

Purchasing Equipment For Envelope Printing

Printing equipment can be purchased online. It is recommended to compare prices on several different websites before buying a product. The more advanced printers are ink-jet technology based, with primarily black ink and a few additional colors. These printers have resolutions varying from 150 to 600 dots per inch.

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Buying a Digital Camera

Today digital cameras have become an essential part of life. People use them at parties, weddings and other events to capture every important moment. They have the advantage that a photographic film is not required and images can be viewed instantly. However they have several features in common with the 35mm film type cameras. Both have a lens, an aperture and a shutter.

The lens focuses light to expose an image on a silicon chip, instead of a film. The aperture controls the amount of light that enters the camera and the shutter controls the length of time for which the light enters.

What Are Megapixels of a Digital Camera?

The number of megapixels is important for the quality of the pictures taken as it determines how much the picture can be enlarged. However, it is not the only factor to be considered when buying a camera. A 2 megapixel image can produce a good 5 by 7 print; a 3 megapixel, an 8 by 10 and a 4megapixel, 11 by 17. Manufacturers often print the megapixel number on the front casing, as it is the first thing buyers look for.

The High End Models

The more expensive digital cameras have advanced features and higher resolutions therefore they allow the photographer to be more creative. They have through the lens focusing, exposure control, shutter speed control and the ability to take multiple pictures rapidly in successive order. Such models appeal to the more serious photographers.

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Web Designing Software

Website foundation software is used to create and design web pages. Dynamic and static type of webpages are very famous. The website includes multiple pages having collection of videos, audio, interactive forms, images, animations, links and many more.

Tim Burners-Lee was the first man who introduced network sharing technology. Website foundation software provides opportunities for a vast business. In market, different varieties of software are available for web design and development at low-cost.

Flash Web Designing

Flash is one of the popular web design and development software. Basically, flash is assigned to create animations on web pages such as animated menus, headers or buttons etc. Today usually websites are flash-based. It gives an attractive presentation to web pages.

Similarly, there are many tools for web design and development like Dream weaver and other 3D software. Website Foundation software helps in making commercial websites as well.

Key Points of Web Designing

Website Foundation software can be categorized into four main categories. You will get an awesome website in the light of these following categorize:-

(a) Contents:

Content is the very first key element. Visitors of your website will focus on contents than design of the web pages.

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3D Graphic Designing Software

3D animation software has literally changed the way advertisement and marketing industries function today. Graphic designing and 3D animation have had a huge impact on other industries such as television, movies and video games.

The advancements in 3D animation are so numerous that it is hard to keep up with all the latest happenings. In present era, 3D graphics have gained popularity and many youngsters are now pursuing further study in this field of expertise.

Usage of 3D Animation Software

Comparing different types of 3D animation software can be a difficult task. Companies use 3D animation software packages at several different points. The software may be used for making logos, commercials, print adverts and architectural layouts. Different users or companies have different requirements. To choose the best software, each company or individual must recognize their top needs.

Types of 3D Animation Software

3D animation software packages can be divided into three tiers. The beginner’s level, intermediate level and professional level are the three levels of graphic designing programs. People who are new to 3D animation choose the beginners software. People who have some knowledge and command of 3D animation may choose intermediate and/or professional 3D animation packages.

Using Different 3D Animation Software Packages

It often occurs that the user gets bored of one 3D animation software. The user switches to another program where new skills can be learned and better graphics may be designed. Graphic designing is a complex task and expert designers are the only capable people who can manage linear and non-linear graphic designing concepts.

Using 3D Animation Software for Different Fields

Requirements of each graphic designer are different. Some people may specialize in architectural designing while some may be interested in designing people, faces and other objects. Different software packages accommodate different needs of the user. Animation can be complex and due to this, the best package must be chosen.

Benefits of 3D Graphic Designing

3D graphic designing can be perfected with practice. New comers can learn quickly by taking help from online videos and instruction guides. Working under the guidance of an expert can also improve a person`s graphic designing skills. If all the features of 3D animation software are used, the ultimate result may be a fine piece of animations and smooth graphics.

Price of 3D Graphic Software Packages

3D animation software packages come in different prices. A beginner’s software package may cost around US$30 to US$100. Expert software packages may range from US$1000 to US$1500. It must be kept in mind that a good software package will also require a powerful computer.

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Computer Games For Children

Computers have become common in almost every household. Using computer games as an educational tool is not only wise but a convenient option. There are many cases where children are not interested in academics and parents struggle hard to inculcate this interest. Under such circumstances, it is a good option to teach the child through computer games.

The child will therefore realize that learning is fun, and his/her attitude towards education will change. As an example if your child struggles with mathematics, it will be a good decision to get a game that teaches math in an interactive and fun way.

Where To Get Computer Games

Many computer games are available free of cost on the internet. This is very convenient for families who own a computer but have limited finances to buy computer games. The children can also experiment with different games and always move to another one, once they get bored. The games that are purchased have a limited number of activities and become useless once the child has played all of them. The online games are not only free but are also improved with time so that the kids never get bored.

Parents Should Choose The Computer Games

Parents should always supervise their children while looking for computer games online. If that is not possible, perhaps because of a busy schedule, then there should be reliable content filters activated in the computer.

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IP Security Cameras: Your Third Eye

Security of life and property has become a concern for everyone these days. Especially, increasing crime rate in commercial sectors has forced the businessmen to use technology for safety and security of their assets. Security cameras have served this purpose and they are now performing the role of third eye for humans.

Internet protocol (IP) security cameras have combined the use of computer and camera. They are the best security solution for domestic and commercial installations.

Human’s Third Eye Security:

Today where the crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate, there is a need for excellent security and surveillance technology. Therefore, auto door locks, laser devices, wireless keypads, warning alarms, IP security cameras and other related devices are the recent technological developments to counter security issues. Out of these, IP security cameras, being most reliable, have proved themselves as humans’ third eye security.

How IP Security Cameras Perform?

Internet protocol camera receives analog images, converts them to digital, compresses them internally and finally, using internet protocol, transmits the videos to the computer. IP security cameras are equally important and capable for the security of homes, schools, offices, banks, shopping malls, hospitals, traffic signals and other public places. Usually, security cameras are cleverly positioned to monitor targeted areas for any illegal activity.

Significance Of Security Cameras:

Safety of your own life and that of your family and assets is something which you always desire. Having a security system gives you a sense of satisfaction. Security cameras have an edge over other security systems since they can monitor the designated areas 24/7. Chances of theft, robbery, bomb blast and other criminal activities are greatly reduced. Even if such incidents happen, security cameras help in finding the culprit.

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Voice Over IP: Future of Communication

Voice over IP networks is one of the latest developments in communication systems. As lot of encroachment has been observed in field of network communication therefore VoIP has also progressed leaps and bounds in recent years. This technology is not only efficient in use but also highly economical.

What is Voice over IP networks?

Basically Voice over IP networks also known as VoIP is way of communicating your data with the help of IP network. When communicating through VoIP your sound in broken down into small packet data, that are transferred from one network to another with help of internet connection. In this communication all purpose packet switched networks are used instead of regular telephone transmission lines. This communication is capable of carrying different type of data with single connection therefore this services is more affordable and flexible in use.

Advantages of VOIP

There are various advantages of Voice of IP networks. This technology offers great convenience in great price. The basic cost consumer has to pay for this type of communication is cost of service or cost of internet connection used by him. These services are available at very low cost at internet and even there are many companies that are offering these services free of cost. VoIP communication allows user to communicate different type of data with single connection. You can transfer data, sound and also video through VoIP easily.

Dependability issue Voice over IP

Technology of VoIP is still developing and people are trying to overcome the challenges offered by this latest technology. Dependability is one of main issues faced by VoIP networks. There is no backup system available in case of power failure during communication through VoIP gateway. However, people with their own resources for power supply like solar batteries or generators do not face this problem too often.

Quality issue

Another problem with communication through VoIP networks is quality. The quality of data transfer through VoIP depends on quality of connection used by users at both ends. A low speed connection always tends to lose data and video quality with such network is very poor.

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