apple tv

Apple TV

Apple Inc. being the dominant sharing partner of today’s market has one device termed as “APPLE TV” in its product line. Though it did not erupt instantly in market but rather it goes through a series of versions up gradation starting the work in 2006 and the latest version being show cased in 2013.  It has variety of features which make it distinguished from  other  media devices being assembled by other companies.


Air Play is one of the finest feature of this gadget. It serve as a channel and medium for content movement. The best thing  is apple TV is very much compatible with PC, iPhone , iPad. Photos to be shared and enjoyed with group of friends as iPhone alone is not enough  to give a peek view  but through Air Play all will enjoy and feeling of sharing and enjoying will be fun. If you are game addict than go for it as playing a game on big screen is so intriguing, just connect the screen through apple TV and enjoy the racing or whatever is your favorite game section. Screen is big, fun is big and  control is  only about a thing  in your hand. This technique is called as mirroring.

Another handy point to consider  about the remote as part of this TV set is that remote of HDTV can be utilized to control it through the infra red  technology. Secondly a special application is available in apple apps store which can be downloaded through iPhone, iPad and is used to control the TV. A smart indeed it is a remote both available in hardware as well as software form. Have a happy weekend with Apple TV!




Google Play Store

Google play store is one thing which is trending at a  very fast pace because it has become a single platform being titled with the word “Play” defining  all the applications and services available as being played. Play is not just associated with music or other audio and videos files rather Google has made it to play books from read and to play news  and play games. Play is the baseline strategy of Google in this regard. It provides all the android applications which were previously taken in android market. It is very vast  and a very large amount  of data is being available through it. Continue reading


microblogBlogging is a a way  used to spread information in the virtual world. There is another term branching out from it known as micro blogging. Micro blogs can be some words combined together as to make the information more compact and precise. To insert a link in a long discussion is a form of micro blogging which is more convenient  as  more relevant links are given it tells the validity of the information. The thing to consider is how to utilize it efficiently. Continue reading

king-com-games   is a site where the most trendy games are being played. King  is actually  King  Digital  Entertainment plc.  It is a company developing the online games which are famous all over the world and in all age groups. Reason behind their very artistic game scenarios which keep the audience occupied in them. The game rules are simple and are easily followed. Basic game plan is having different levels with a task being assigned which has to be full filled. This is the mandatory requirement for moving on to the next level. Games are very flexible and are compatible with variety of platforms. Facebook account is used to play them because it provides the confetti to play with other players, get the updates about the friends activity and also receive different benefits from the corresponding players like lives and other boosters. These  games are easily synchronized with android phones, tablets and other devices which help in keeping the game’s progress uniform.

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Virtual social media

The most trendy thing nowadays is to be connected with each and everyone all around the world. As in a real world it is an unattainable situation but due to the virtual world created through the internet it is not a problem at all. There are many websites available which have billion of users actively participating on them.


Facebook is one of the social networking site which started as a project of some college students and is now renowned and used throughout the world. Popularity of this site is due to friendly and easy to use interface. A simple sign up is all which is needed.  A person can use his Facebook account  to share the status, videos  and photos with his friends and/or other  Facebook users. Different groups are also available having different categories. It is a very fascinating site which provides entertainment to every group of people.

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Google Glass

Google’s newest and hottest gadget is the Google Glass. It can be said that GG is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. It exhibits information in a smartphone-like hands-free arrangement where Wearers can communicate with the Internet via natural language voice directions. Google entered in a partnership with the Italian eye-wear company Luxottica, owners of the Ray-Ban, Oakley, and other brands to offer additional designs of frames that supports Google Glass.


The google glass has a touch pad on the frame side, this help the wearer in controlling the device. The sliding through an interface of time line shows recent events, weather updates, calls and photos just like in cell phones. In addition to the touch pad, GG can also be controlled using the Voice Actions. When a wearer says O.K glass, it gets activated to receive commands. Wearer can use the camera to shoot pictures just with the blink of an eye, search over the internet, type a text and get directions of the places where required.
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Let’s Google

“Google”, a term so much in everyday use by people of all categories. Basically it is used for search purpose enter some text in the given area and then Google is alive with so many information for you in variety of ways. People have a very limited know-how of its working and how to get the required information in accurate manner as well as in less time.

Behind the scenes…

Google is primarily a multinational company of America. One of the services it is providing is the facility to search the content available on the internet. That is why whenever someone has to find some facts or to learn something , Google search is done. It is not a random thing at all, there is proper inner working which is taking place behind the friendly search page being shown to the user. The search is performed by a mechanism which involves the concept of crawling i.e all pages available on the internet are visited and information is stored in index, after that the most relevant information is extracted through the use of algorithms and many more factors and is displayed to the user. This is the working if an individual don’t know then it is least bothered. But do know how to search in a proper manner . Continue reading


Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is the latest addition in windows family by Microsoft. This time they have developed and designed it  with the trendy flow of applications. This operating system is developed keeping all the audience in mind. Either the typical fans of windows interface or the people having the zest for being trendy, rather be  the “in guy”. It allows the user to keep on using the same design which is according to their comfort zone.  Windows 8.1 has so many new things in it that definitely it will consume some time to get friendly with it. Let’s peek in….


Windows 8 charm bar
Windows 8 charm bar

A special right side menu is introduced with the name as “charms” . When ever cursor is hovered on the right-side upper or lower corner it appears. It provides with the variety of function to be quickly accessed. The basic functionality options are given here. It includes the option for

  • Search
  • Share
  • Start
  • Devices
  • Settings

Apps, Apps and Apps in the air

Microsoft knows how to keep secure its share in the sphere. Just click the  windows button present at the left lower bottom windows_start_button and enter the world of applications. Continue reading


Smart Watch

Market is being bombarded with gadgets globally.Numerous appliances are being introduced by experts. More choice  to choose from creates a sense of confusion but still keep hope to find some cool stuff. One of the trending gadget is “Smart Watch”. Lets know what is  so smart about it or rather find smartness round the clock! Continue reading

Power of Voice Recognition Software

Speech recognition is the ability to translate spoken words into written text. Speech recognition software was introduced commercially in the mid 1990’s as a result of rigorous research in this field. Another factor was also the improving programming skills in that era. There are many uses of this software including dictation, computer applications and general internet use.

No matter how advanced the speech recognition software is, it can have greater than 99% translation accuracy. No software can be compared to the natural human data processing capabilities. However in recent years speech recognition software has become very advanced and can produce voice activated text and commands.

Speech Recognition Software For Businesses

A lot of vocal programming software for businesses has made computer use, easier and quicker. Although it must be noted, that such software is not a substitute for typing. Typing is and always will be an essential skill for any trade. However such software can be used for designated functions like medical report making, activating several programs in a computer and business functions such as sending and receiving emails. It can also be used for making basic documents, graphs and charts.

Speech Recognition Software For Medical Transcription

Before the introduction of such software, many doctors used to hire professional transcriptionists to convert spoken medical data about patients into words. Such professionals used headphones to hear the speech and then type the information into a document.

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